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Reflections on All Saints/All Souls

WARNING: The following post contains thoughts about theology, spirituality, and the nature of existence. If reading these thoughts will compel you to let me know how wrong, evil, foolish, etc. I am, kindly skip this one. Today, my church observed All Saints’ Day, a day in which not only “big S” Saints are remembered, but … Continue reading Reflections on All Saints/All Souls

Excerpt: from “Wrong Notes”

From time to time, in addition to shorter items, I will post excerpts from longer works. The following is from the forthcoming urban horror/fantasy novella “Wrong Notes,” to be published by Madness Heart Press. Victor Gregory, called “Gris-gris” by his Haitian neighbors, is a young violinist in the symphony orchestra of a large Texas city. … Continue reading Excerpt: from “Wrong Notes”

How I Got Here

                “And you may ask yourself: well, how did I get here?” – Talking Heads                 I promised that I’d share a little of my story – at least the part of it that relates to my writing. I feel I must ask your forgiveness if I go on too long, or if I don’t … Continue reading How I Got Here

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